Seamaster Desirous Inspiration Idea

The Seamaster Paint Group found by its late Chairman Mr.Teo Choon Tiong in 1950s has come a long way from its humble beginnings to become one of the regions leading Paint Manufacturing in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Having captured a market share of 70% in the economical range of paint products, which are available in most of hardware shops and paint centres, Seamaster can be considered a key player in hardware retailer market. With commitment to manufacturing high quality products to meet diverse customer needs, Seamaster enjoys a yearly growth of 10%-15% mainly contributed from premium grade products attributable to their competitive edge on pricing factor, products reliability and change of consumer buying behavior.

With the market becoming increasingly sophisticated and the changing needs of customers, Seamaster recognizes the importance of adapting to new market environment. In recognition of the diverse preferences of its customers, the company has launched a computerized tinting system that accurately reproduces more than 10,000 colours in a variety of products.

Due to its rapid growth, The Seamaster Paint Group to-day up to date has set up five companies namely Seamaster Paint Manufacturing Berhad, Seamaster Paint Marketing Sdn Bhd ( both Malaysia), Star Chemical Manufacturers Pte Ltd ( Singapore), Tiong Seng Paint Product ( Taiwan) Ltd and Seamaster Paint (Vietnam) Co.Ltd. The group also has explored into world wide market covering 40 over countries including China, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Brunei etc.

Seamaster Paint has successfully maintained its brand presence and recognition in the market place through aggressive advertising campaign and TV commercial, radio broadcasting, bus advertisement, print media like Anjung Seri Up-market lifestyle magazine and PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia). These activities had been effective in presenting the brand name, image of Seamaster and public awareness. The company has good contact with architect, civil engineer, housing developer, building contractor, painting contractor, paint applicator and end-user by providing seminar or road shows.

The professionals in architecture and civil engineer will be provided software called “ Seamaster Computer Painter powered by Autech Software Australia upon request.

Seamaster is to offer free gift of oversea incentive trips to retailers and paint centres on a long terms basis. This attractive sale promotion has been able to contribute a significant growth in terms of sale turn over.