Seamaster Paint


Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish

Seamaster Weathersheen Combat Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish is a superior quality pure acrylic exterior paint for outstanding durability and high performance under severe tropical climate. It forms a tough film with superior dirt pick up resistance, washable, good colour retention, excellent algae and fungus resistant as well as good alkaline and efflorescence resistance. It is specially formulated to have better heat reflective compare to standard exterior paint which will keeping the buildings cool and thus reduce the energy consumption. Besides it helps to reduce the effects of the Urban Heat Island. It is a user and environmental friendly product which is very low in VOC, APEO free as well as formaldehyde free.

Product Specifications
Physical Characteristics
Ingredient :
  • Pure acrylic emulsion
  • Mineral Extenders
  • Infrared Reflective Pigments With Good Weathering Fastness
  • Additives
Density : 1.30 – 1.40 (kg/litre)
Solid : Minimum 50 %
Coverage : 10-12 m² /litre
Colours : Refer to colour card
Gloss : Sheen
Dry Film Thickness : 25 - 30 microns per coat
Drying Time : Touch dry : ≤ 15 minutes
Hard dry : ≤ 30 minutes
Recoating Interval : 2 hours
Application Method
Method of Application :
Brush and roller.
Product Preparation :

Ready for use after thoroughly stirring. However, if thinning is required not more than 5 % of water may be added for the first coat. For best result, thinning is not recommended for the subsequent coats.

Surface Preparation
New Masonry Surface :

It is crucial that ample time is allowed for the concrete / plaster surfaces to dry out. High moisture content is a common cause for premature paint failures, such as blistering, discolouration, etc. Concrete/plaster is alkaline in nature and together with the presence of salts and moisture may cause paint systems to fail prematurely.

Old Unpainted / Previously Painted Masonry Surface: Surface must be dry and free from any structural damaged and cracks. Wash the surface to remove any stains, debris and powderiness before application with Seamaster Paint Weathersheen Combat Acrylic Exterior Wall Finish.

Weather Resistance
2x Heat Reflective

Main Product Feature

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Excellent fungus and algae resistance
  • Resistance to dirt pick up
  • Excellent washability
  • Excellent Colour retention
  • Provides thermal and insulating
  • 10 years protection