Our Colour, Your Style

Have you ever wondered what colours best suit your personality? Whether you’re a Winsome Blue or a Thunderball Red, passionate by nature or mysterious in your ways, your favourite colour reveals who you are. Your personal style expressed in distinctive colours not only decorates, but defines your character.

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Seamaster Au Naturale Inspiration Idea

Au Naturale

You’re about all things natural. Fresh is your middle name.

Seamaster Breezy Inspiration Idea


You’re easy going, even tempered and love simplicity.

Seamaster Whimsical Inspiration Idea


You’re one of a kind. An attention grabber, you stand out for being different.

Seamaster Sunny Inspiration Idea


You’re young, bubbly and sweet. Always cheerful and full of life.

Seamaster Desirous Inspiration Idea


You’re full of passion for life and is never afraid to express.

Seamaster Islander Inspiration Idea


You’re bursting with energy and have a love for the sun, sea and sand.