We pride ourselves on providing our customers with easy to use and affordable products. Being one of the long established paint manufacturers in Asia, we provide a wide range of products from architectural and industrial to decorative and special effects coating.

Our ability to continually set industry highs for quality and value depends upon our steadfast maintenance of our product, recognition of new technologies and proactive responses to the needs of our customers. Our diverse and experienced team continues to improve our products and streamline our processes, both in-store and online.

Building Solutions

Seamaster Paint Professional 3-in-1 Formula

Seamaster 3-in-1 Formula

Seamaster Paint Professional Lightweight Board

Seamaster Lightweight Board

Seamaster Paint Professional UNIClad

Seamaster UNIClad

Seamaster Paint Professional MDClad

Seamaster MDClad

Seamaster Paint Professional Fibre Cement Boards

Fibre Cement Boards

Seamaster Paint Professional Calcium Silicate Boards

Calcium Silicate Boards