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June 11, 2016

Seamaster Paint Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish

Seamaster Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish

Seamaster Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish is a superior quality emulsion paint specially formulated to provide stain resistance, low odour, low VOC, APEO and formaldehyde free for protection and decoration of interior masonry. It has excellent hydrophilic stain repellence which allowed all household stain such as coffee, tea, juice, ketchup, wine, etc to form into beads and roll down the wall. Besides, its hydrophobic stain removal also allowed others stain like lipstick being clean effectively. Others than its beading effect, Seamaster Spot-Free Luxury Wall Finish also provide excellent alkaline and fungus resistance. Its low VOC compliance, APEO and formaldehyde free is ideal for SAVES your earth and family. It passed / complied with all requirements under Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS).

[Uses] As a finishing coat for protection and decoration of interior masonry and other surfaces such as plaster wall, cement, gypsum board, brickwork, hard and soft boards and on appropriately primed wood surfaces.

[Product Features] Highly washable without chalking or fading • Excellent coverage and hiding power • Protects from fungus growth • Less splattering • Excellent hydrophilic stain repellence • Environment-friendly with low VOC and 100% lead, mercury and formaldehyde-free • Almost odour-free

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