Protective Coating

July 28, 2016

Seamaster Paint Syntalux 2K Protective & Architectural Finish

Seamaster Paint Syntalux 2K Finish

Seamaster Syntalux 2K Architectural Finish is a two-component polyurethane architectural coating system. It is a high quality solvent-based coating and is excellent in severe weather resistance. This coating system can be applied to various kinds of substrates like masonry, cement, metal, wood, ABS plastic, MDF board and plywood.

It is easy to clean and has outstanding resistance to severe weathering, high abrasion resistance, excellent flow and levelling, excellent algae and fungus resistance, discolouration resistance, excellent solvent, excellent adhesion, and chemical resistance e.g. acid, alkaline.

It is suitable for interior and exterior uses. In areas, like building exterior, shopping mall, lobbies and statues etc, where abrasive resistance, weather resistance and scratch resistance are desirable, this coating system is highly recommended.

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