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Christmas Decorations for Your New Home

Christmas Decorations for Your New Home
Excited about celebrating your first Christmas in your new home, you walk with your arms struggling with heavy shopping bags filled with rolls of wrapping papers and presents. You wheel the shopping cart filled to the brim with goodies to stuff the holiday stockings with. And just as you’re loading your car with all the joyful goods, you realize that one tiny box is left unchecked in your checklist – Christmas Decorations. Well, obviously you can’t say, “Dear Santa, please refer to my Pinterest boards”, where we know you have pinned hundreds of decoration ideas on your page. Christmas needs the very essence of the joyful celebration, the decorations. Read on, and you’re sure to leave the mall with a complete set of décor ideas for your new home.
Start with The Christmas Roots



Start with The
Christmas Roots

A Christmas Tree. Arguably, this would be the main attraction of any interior décor this festive season, so this should be your first order of business. Living in Malaysia, you may need to live with using the artificial version of this festive trees. They come in various sizes, from table-toppers to a staggering height that reaches two storeys. Since you’re fairly new to your home, you’re most probably still bumping into tight corners, yet to adapt into the nooks and corners. So, mind the height and width of your front door – the tree needs to fit through to be a décor! – and the height of the room you’re going to place the tree in. Next, browse through the various tree options available in the nearest anchor stores. You may go crazy, deciding between dark pine, light pine, large pine, narrow pine, ‘’snow-topped’’ pine or the shiny silver pines. At least, you know your new Christmas tree would look just PINE. 
Dazzle with Lights



Dazzle with

Now that the trees are sorted, it's time to let them shine! I know, thinking of decorating a 6ft tree may seem daunting, but trust me, you will enjoy the process if you look at it in layers. Start with finding the perfect lighting, because without illumination, all your hard labour of decorating for hours will not shine bright in time for Christmas. You can opt to choose between battery operated or get it powered from the mains. Pick a colour – white, blue or colourful – anything that you prefer and set the timer functions and effects that you think may look good on your new décor addition. Fire them up and watch as the lights illuminate your new home with Christmas sparkle.
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly



Deck the Halls with
Boughs of Holly

We all know that the perfect start to decorating your new humble abode would be the tree, but it's not all about the 6ft tall green, pointy ornament. There are many simple yet classic ways to add a festive touch in your new home. Hang a homemade Christmas wreath on your front door, so when you return home every evening, you can start feeling the merry weather as you step in. Select a few simple garlands and ornaments to hang around your home. Over shelves, bannisters, coffee tables, dining tables and anywhere that could add a festive look. If you’re a newly wedded couple, discreetly sneak in some mistletoes around the house and cozy up to your partner unexpectedly. They would thank the Christmas decorations then!
Christmas Colours



Christmas Colours

You can go as traditional or as contemporary as you wish for your Christmas colour scheme. The safest choices are usually they classic gold, red and green or the silver and white combinations that never goes out of style. Recently, with the younger generation taking over the decoration reigns, Christmas trees are decorated with bizarre colour choices topped with unusual ornament selections. Christmas baubles have become a shout out of their personality. You a goth princess? Hang a black and red coloureed bauble adorned with a crown made of artificial thorns. A crime show addict that loves heavy metal? Not a problem, hang on to that Morse-code bauble that spells Slip Knot. Some prefer to go with the colour of the year – yes, that exists. Well, to save you the trouble of Googling it, the 2019 Christmas colours are dusty pink and minty green. Go up a notch and win over your new neighbors by having your walls follow your Christmas colour scheme. Paint your new home with your chosen Christmas hues and it will feel like the season to be jolly, all year round! Let Seamaster Paint be a part of your joyful, colourful Christmas holidays.
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